The Pistoia mountains, due to their morphological characteristics, offer the opportunity; to practice outdoor sports activities, which are somewhat fortifying and relaxing for body and spirit.
First of all, the ski area is an authentic paradise for skiers, the station counts over 50 kilometersof slopes and over 20 ski lifts.

In summer, you can; trekking, along paths with 165 km of development marked by the Pistoia Mountain Trekking, which are connected with the Gea and Cai routes. Another way to get to know the mountain, in this case from above, is to paraglide. There are natural terraces, special and authorized for those who love this sport, which satisfies the man’s dream of flying.

Along the Lima river, moreover, it is possible to sail with a canoe for a stretch of about 11 km, the conformation of the river bed and the slope make the upstream stretch, from the suspension bridge to that of Lucchio, more challenging, while the last stretch appears less difficult.

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Among the most sports; practiced, there is also fishing: the territory,
crossed by rivers and
streams particularly rich in salmonids such as the Rhine, the Sestaione, the Lima, the Limentra and
la Limentrella, favors this activity.
The real adventure

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Tipic Products

In the basket of typical products
safeguard and make known for their quality;
There are:
chestnut flour,
raw milk pecorino,
Sorana bean,
massese the lamb,
cow cheese,
raveggiolo sheep,
dell’Abetone dormant fungus,
porcini mushrooms,
marzolo the grain,
potato and tortello of Melo and necci.

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