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A WWF oasis called “Il Cesto del Lupo” is situated in Limestre, near San Marcello Pistoiese. It was inaugurated in September 2006.
It’s a mountainous area, between 600 meters up to 1200 meters above the sea level and is characterised by large surfaces of woodlands and pasture-lands.
The wolf – that is the symbol of the oasis – decided to make the Pistoiese Apennin as its natural habitat.
It is possible to find mouflons, roe deers, fallow deers, deers, wild boars, foxes, beech-martens weasels, porcupines, squirrels and loirs.
The avifauna is rich and different: from daily birds of prey to passerines. T
he oasis is open from middle March to end October.
Only guided tours by appointment to the following addresses: phone number: 0039 0573 6171 mobile number: 0039 340 1443395
e-mail: oasi.ilcestodellupo@kme.com are permitted.
Take note the WWF oasis belongs to Dynamo Camp the great holiday-village for seriously ill children realised by Dynamo foundation together with the international organization “Hole in the wall” that was founded by Paul Newman the famous American actor.
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The Forestal Botanical Garden

The Forestal Botanical Garden of Abetone in the upper Sestaione Valley is made up of an area of original Apennine woodland, a rockery and a small lake.
A visit to the garden offers an opportunity to get better acquainted with the natural environment of the mountain and can be used as a training center for those specializing in environmental work.
There are two itineraries, one allows those interested to visit the red spruce reserve of Campolino and another goes from the woodland of the Sestaione Valley to Le Regine.
The botanical information center in Fontana Vaccaia allows visitors to learn even more from the research documents held there and completes the visit to the garden.


The Pistoiese Mountain, because of its landscape, makes an ideal place to practice different open-air sports, which are invigorating for mind and body.
First of all, this skiing area is a paradise for ski-lovers. Abetone is famous all over the world thanks to sport champions such as Zeno Colò, Celina Seghi and Vittorio Chierroni.
The Abetone is equipped with 50 kilometers of trails and more than 20 ski ropes and lifts.
In the summer it is possible to go hiking on 165 kilometers of paths which are signposted by the Pistoiese Mountain Trekking Association (MPT) and connected to the routes of the Gea and Cai walking associations.
Hiking and walking do not require any special aptitude, but simply a degree of fitness and prudence, which is always advisable in the mountain environment.
Mule tracks and other ancient paths are also used by cyclists and mountain bikers.
A unique way to see the mountain from above is paragliding, considered a new sport.
Certain natural terraces on the mountain have been authorized as take off points for those who love this sport that satisfies man’s desire to fly.
The most important sport in the mountain is fishing: this area is full of streams and rivers such as the Reno, the Sestaione, the Lima, the Limentra and the Limentrella, which are particularly rich in salmon.
There is also an 11 kilometer stretch along the Lima river that is ideal for canoeing.
The lie and incline of the riverbed make the upstream course from the suspension bridge to the Lucchio Bridge quite challenging whereas the last stretch in easier.



Many thanks to Gabriella Aschieri, writer of the book "A spasso per la montagna pistoiese - Itinerario di una comunità".


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